Creative Writing Program (CWP)

CCreative Writers Program (CWP) is a platform developed to stimulate the creative abilities of children in schools through a number of well-conceived intra and inter club and schools activities, with the hope of providing childhood experiences crucial to the development of creative potentials.

The CWP is designed to establish and nurture creative writing clubs across some selected secondary schools within identified pilot local government areas (LGAs) of Kaduna North and South of Kaduna State, with 4 schools – 2 public and 2 private (middle class private schools) from each pilot LGA. The clubs are managed by committees responsible for its daily operations and sustainability. The committees comprises of the heads of the schools (principals), teachers (selected by the respective schools, preferably English and or literature teachers) and students.

The activities of the club are designed to achieve both the specific and overall goal of the CWC program. The key activities of the clubs are structured as follows;

  • INTRA-CLUB ACTIVITIES: Members of the club in each of the identified pilot (host) schools meet at least once weekly. The meetings are characterized by readings, discussions around a particular subject matter, presentations and peer critiques of individual’s works (articles, poems etc) with one of the members at each meetings taking report of happenings, which is subsequently submitted to the Foundation as a way of tracking the activities of individual club. The report writing is structured in such a way that it goes round to each member (each member has his/her turn to writing of reports) as a way of building their individual capacities on report writing.
  • YELF PEER REVIEW SESSION: This is a monthly meeting that brings together all members of the clubs across the selected pilot schools under one umbrella. The peer review session provides the opportunity for club members to know what members from other schools have done for the past one month. It also provides opportunity for each school to present some selected works of its members and have the works evaluated and criticized by a larger audience (other members of similar competence). Performance of each member and school is recorded and is used during award ceremonies (YELF Creativity Workshop & Annual Award Ceremony). The peer review session is handled by a panel of external moderators identified.
  • YELF CREATIVITY WORKSHOP: On quarterly basis the Foundation organizes a two day creativity workshop that educates members especially on the different genres of literature, creativity, art, widening of horizon, editing and publishing etc. The workshop also host several experts in literature, performing artists and other relevant members from the general public. The first day of the workshop is ceremonial – starting with paper presentations/performances by renowned writers, poets, publishers, performance poets, spoken word artists as well as popular and upcoming musicians. The second day of the workshop engages participants on some specific areas as stated above. The workshop at the end recognizes the best performing schools and members (based on their performance during the intra-club activities and peer review, as well as issue certificate of attendance to all members.
  • YELF ANNUAL CREATIVITY AND AWARD CEREMONY: The creativity award ceremony is an annual creativity ceremony and award that holds at the end of every year (After conducting 3 quarterly creativity workshops). The event will host in addition to members of the CWP, other participants from within and outside Nigeria.



The aim of the CWP is to ensure a society that encourages creativity in children. Specifically the program is designed to achieve the following objectives;

  • To establish creativity writing clubs in secondary schools in Kaduna State
  • To contribute in reducing the creativity gap among secondary school children, while promoting reading culture, creative writing and exhibition in identified secondary schools in Kaduna State
  • To provide avenue for children to discover, nurture and express their creativity potentials in Kaduna State
  • To arm secondary school children with creative ways to be enterprising
  • Showcase the products of the creativity writing clubs through a dedicated website, Facebook, twitter, short documentaries, publications and special events