TThe Women Literacy Program (WLP) is designed to support and provide opportunity for adult women in both urban and rural communities to acquire and or boost their literacy skills. The program focuses mainly on young adult women (15 to 30 years) who have either dropped out of school (as a result of marriage, child birth etc) or those who completely lacked opportunities or favorable conditions to be part of a school system. The program is structured to establish adult literacy classes within identified pilot communities.

An interesting aspect of the program is that it emphasizes and ensures community involvement and ownership, which will serve as an exit strategy for the Foundation. Tutors come from the respective communities and their identification and selection is done by established education committee whose membership is formed by members of the communities. The services of retired teachers, serving teachers, unemployed graduates and other volunteers across the communities are utilized. The leadership of the various communities (districts heads, wards heads, religious leaders, heads of CBOs and other relevant stakeholders from within the communities) is also utilized. The Foundation will engage and partner with institutions such as the National Commission for Mass Literacy, Kaduna State Agency for Mass Literacy, relevant national and international non-governmental organizations, specifically in the training of tutors on the use of adult literacy curriculum. There will be mass awareness and public mobilization to attract support for the program. Social media platforms, courtesy visits, community radio programs, TV programming, brochures, pamphlets, website, and other relevant mediums will be utilize to attract beneficiaries, tutors, community leaders, volunteers and galvanize communities support for the program, using relevant (local) languages.


The aim of the WLP is to improve literacy level among female adults in Kaduna communities. Specifically the program is designed to achieve the following objectives;

  • To identify communities with low levels of literacy among women and set up adult education centers within Kaduna State.
  • To identify and support existing adult education centers within target communities in Kaduna State
  • To promote the importance of adult education and literacy among women
  • To empower adult women (mainly 16 to 30 years), especially married women with literacy and numeracy skills in order to equip them for contemporary challenges
  • To encourage re-enrolment and retention of adult women into education system
  • To encourage and promote volunteer services across communities to boost national development